Saving the Last Ocean: The Last Ocean Road Trip

The Last Ocean Road Trip was our final push in the campaign to have the Ross Sea, Antarctica declared a marine reserve protected area.  Peter and the Last Ocean team attended film screenings at independent film festivals throughout the US, listed on our ‘Watch the film’ page. During the trip Peter held Q & A‘s, successfully lobbied supermarkets to stop selling Antarctic toothfish caught in the Ross Sea and asked consumers not to eat it. (Antarctic Toothfish is marketed as Chilean sea bass throughout North America and parts of Europe).

We managed to raise enough funds to allow Peter to travel on to the UK, Europe and Germany to hold special screenings ahead of the CCAMLR Special Meeting in Bremerhaven.

On July 16th 2013 CCAMLR failed to reach agreement on the Ross Sea MPA, due to Russia questioning the legality of the organisation’s ability to establish MPA’s. But as long as we have these pristine places we have a reason to continue to fight for their protection. The MPA’s will be back on the agenda at the CCAMLR meeting in Hobart in October 2013.

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And don’t buy Chilean sea bass from the Ross Sea.