Ocean Issues Award

2014 BLUE Ocean Film Festival & Conservation Summit

Stelvio National Park Award

2014 Sondrio Festival – Documentary Film Festival on Parks

Wildscreen Festival

2014 Jury’s Special Selection for Screening

Grand Prize

2014 Vancouver Festival of Ocean Films

Best Conservation Film

2014 New York WILD Film Festival

Spirit of Activism Award

2014 Wild & Scenic Film Festival

Peoples’ Choice Award

2014 Waimea Ocean Film Festival

Best Film Ocean Environment

2014 Waimea Ocean Film Festival


Special Consideration
2013 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

Best Professional Documentary

2013 Real to Reel International Film Festival

Best Feature / Best New Zealand Film / Best Science Communication Film

2013 Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival

Winner: Moving Mountains

2013 Mountainfilm in Telluride

Best ‘Call 2 Action’ film: The Last Ocean

2013 Boulder International Film Festival

Royal Reel Award – Documentary

2013 Canada International Film Festival


SPADA Independent Producer of the Year: Peter Young

2012 New Zealand Screen Production and Development Association Awards


“The Last Ocean is a spectacular, informative and urgent piece of work… Through Peter Young’s lens, the Antarctic looks wild and wonderful”.
Graeme Tuckett, Dominion Post 10 August 2012

“Young’s film is absorbing, politically and ecologically informative, nightmarish, and excellent, albeit disturbing, cinema”.
Sam Edwards, Waikato Times, 8 September 2012

“I hope you are inspired by this movie”.
John Kerry, US Secretary of State

“Peter Young’s ravishing footage lends emotive force to his detailed account of the case against fishing Antarctic waters”.
Bill Gosden, 2012 New Zealand International Film Festival

“A frightening omen of our planet’s future… told with truth, humour and brittle, ephemeral beauty”.
Melenie Parkers, Yahoo Entertainment NZ, 2 October 2012

The Last Ocean is a powerful statement about humanity’s urge to chase resources over every inch of the Earth.”
Michael White, Nature 498, 6 June 2013